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Additional Services

Snoezelen – Multisensory Therapy

The Snoezelen method is considered innovative and is capable of making great strides. As part of the method the child is placed into a special room which contains an environment of multiple stimuli which may be selected by the therapist, such as soft mattresses, blinking lights and soothing music. Once the child obtains a sensory balance within an environment that suits him exactly he is able to free up in an extraordinary manner and even learn more about the world surrounding him.

At “Taf Lataf” there is a large and innovative Snoezelen room, out of recognition that Snoezelem therapy has a great influence on children with a broad range of disabilities and handicaps.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is considered a hit among the “Taf Lataf” children since it has a special strength and allows the achievement of unique results relatively quickly in comparison to other treatments. The treatment is very enjoyable, and the children marching happily into the large hall which includes a drum set, a piano, guitars, xylophones and various percussion instruments, often entirely unaware that they are undergoing therapy. In the end the children experience positive changes in their emotional mood and even gain a sense of self confidence. The change which occurs is quick and the results are outstanding.

Lending Playroom

The staff at “Taf Lataf” allows children coming to the place to borrow toys regularly. It also has professionals to provide guidance for them and their family members regarding their proper use, to benefit the entire household and to the benefit of the special child in particular.

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