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Rehabilitative programs

Daycare center for infants – Therapeutic daycare center on behalf of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services

The Taf Lataf Association manages different rehabilitative frameworks operating on behalf of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services.
In 1999 the first rehabilitative daycare center for infants aged five months to three years was founded. The children arriving at the daycare center are developmentally disabled due to premature birth or unknown causes, infants with various levels of cerebral palsy or syndromes, as well as infants entitled to a full disability pension from the National Insurance Institute.

There are about eight children in each one of the “Taf Lataf” daycare classes, and each child entering the daycare center is assigned to the appropriate group in accordance with his level of development and capabilities. The classes are equipped with advanced therapeutic devices specifically tailored for each child, and there is also an alternative communication system including switches, communication boards, specifically adapted devices, and computers with suitable software.
The staff at the daycare center is dedicated to the children and constantly aware of their needs. It includes a developmental physician, nurses, a social worker, a psychologist, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, rehabilitation assistants, music therapists and of course – therapists with an extensive professional knowledge who have undergone special training in this specific field.

The daily schedule at the daycare center includes separate programs for each child with both short term and long term goals, alongside group programs suited to the level of the children in the group during which the children learn various concepts as well as enjoy a sociable and beneficial stay. The daycare centers invest daily in preparing breakfast and lunch suitable for each child in terms of texture and taste according to his needs and capabilities. During the meal an emphasis is placed on proper eating habits and proper oral stimulation treatments are given to infants with difficulties in swallowing or chewing. The children stay at the day care center from 7:30 to 16:00 and receive everything they need from the staff members with endless devotion and love.

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