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What is the process of entering a child in need into a rehabilitative program?

In the first stage a social worker in the welfare department must be contacted in order to arrange a suitable quota, then come to “Taf Lataf” in order to be diagnosed by a physical therapist to ascertain the suitability of the framework for the child. In case the child is found suitable the child’s parents will present all the required documents to the “Taf Lataf” social worker and the child will be incorporated into the appropriate group.

How is a child assigned to a special education kindergarten?

In order to be entered into a special education kindergarten a child must pass through a placement committee in the educational department in the presence of his parents, a psychologist and the education department manager.

Who is entitled to be in a rehabilitative daycare center?

A child receiving a disability pension (70% and higher) from the National Insurance Institute and/or recognized by the Service for the Mentally Challenged.

Until what age may paramedical treatments be received within the Center of Child Development?

The center of child development treats children up to the age of nine who require developmental treatments

Who can refer a child to paramedical treatment?

There are numerous people that can draw attention to the need for paramedical treatment – from a nurse at a Family Health Center, to a pediatrician, a concerned parent or kindergarten teacher, and so on. However, the only person who may officially refer a child for treatment is the pediatrician who writes a referral to the department of child development and details the problem or difficulty.

How many treatments is the child entitled to?

The child may be eligible for a number of treatments, or for treatments provided on an ongoing and monthly basis, all depending on the recommendations by the diagnosing physician and the customary procedures of the Health Maintenance Organization he is a member of.

Which Health Maintenance Organizations allow the reception of services through the department of child development?

The services are provided for members of the four Health Maintenance Organizations.

What are the treatments provided on the premises?

The center of child development treats children up to the age of nine who require developmental treatments.

Who is paid for the treatments? When is the payment made, and how much does it cost?

When dealing with children under the age of three there is no need for participation in the payment for treatments, but there is a one-time payment per quarter/ for children over the age of three the parents’ participation is required according to the health basket rates, which currently stand at a total of 20-24 ILS per treatment. The treatment is provided after the health maintenance organizations issue a guarantee for the provision of treatment.

May the number of treatments be increased?

For those with complementary insurance at the health maintenance organizations there is a possibility to receive additional treatments. Paramedical treatments may also be reinforced by specially trained rehabilitation assistants guided by the paramedical therapists.

What are the qualifications of the medical team operating in the place?

The entire paramedical team holds licenses recognized by the Ministry of Health and extensive experience treating children.

What are the place’s hours of operation?

Sunday to Thursday, between 8:00 and 18:00.

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