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The Taf Lataf House – Modi’in Illit

A child diagnosed with developmental disability or special needs undoubtedly requires ongoing treatment in a professional environment. The “Taf Lataf House” which was established in Modi’in Illit over a decade ago is constantly working to provide a multidisciplinary response for all children with special needs ages 0-9 living in the region. By this virtue the children participating in “Taf Lataf” programs come from throughout the region – Modi’in Illit, the Mateh Binyamin Regional Council, the Modi’in region as well as Modi’in itself. In the extensive “Taf Lataf” facilities they receive paramedical services as well as rehabilitative and educational services in the most professional manner.

Unlike other places, “Taf Lataf” is unique in offering all the required services under a single roof – from the “Department of Child Development” operating on behalf of the Ministry of Health and subsidized by the four Health Maintenance Organizations, through to the rehabilitative programs operating on behalf of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services – which offer a daily schedule in a supportive environment specifically suited for each child according to his level, age and capabilities, and ending with the family support services provided by professional counseling as well as financial support when needed.

Since “Taf Lataf” is centrally located within the community and it is both close and available to the parents’ place of residence, they are delighted to send their child there since they know that the same familiar and understanding “Taf Lataf” staff will take care of their child every step of the way, from the moment he is born until he reaches school age, and they feel a special serenity. “Taf Lataf” are aware of the many hopes and promise to provide all the required services to the parents as well as the children, with an added emphasis on a professional level, treatments and exercises, out of the crucial understanding that the preschool age is the main period of time when a child may be helped, and if he receives better treatments and more extensive exercises his chance of progressing will be greater.

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